The Battle of the Brights: Comparing LED Neon Signs and Traditional Glass Neon

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It’s not just you that LED neon and glass neon seem confused. There are a lot of misconceptions floating around the internet nowadays that explain the benefits of choosing one over the other. We’ve identified the main differences and will give you the facts. This breakdown should serve as your guide to how you should approach each type of lighting. Here they are!

1. Material

You’re probably familiar with neon, but how about LED neon? Both produce light, but their processing creates a distinctive visual appeal. Traditional neon signs are made out of glass tubes and can break easily. LED signs, however, are made from LEDs that emit light and when strung together produce a neon effect. LED signs are cost-effective, energy-efficient, and come with a polymer coating to protect the diodes.

2. Appeal

Global businesses are adopting LED neon signs due to their vibrant light and easy installation and transportation. Due to the nostalgic factor and connotations of glamour and status, most creative people love LED neon signs.

3. Brightness

There’s been a lot of discussion about which type of lighting is the most bright. If you’re planning to purchase a custom-designed neon light, it’s best to make sure that the light is authentic. When you shop for a sign, be aware that LED neon lights are powerful and eco-friendly. They can also be dimmed.

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