Determining the Appropriate Neon Sign Size for Your Wedding

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Have you found the perfect neon sign for your wedding day, but struggling to find the perfect size? We’re all aware that neon signs can be freaking cool additions to weddings, but for it to shine like a shining star, size does matter. We’ll provide a quick guide that will help you find the best neon sign.

What size guidelines for wedding neon signs?

Compare the neon signs of different sizes and the famous greenery walls. Each size gives your wedding a distinctive style and look. It is important to determine the space. Zanvis will utilize these measurements to design the perfect neon sign. Below is a comparison of 5 sizes that are commonly used for wedding neon signs. Scroll down to view the background for each size.

Say cheese! Everyone is smiling in the picture. Everyone is having a wonderful time at the event. The glowing neon sign makes everything even more vibrant and exciting. This couple chose 40 inches x 100cm customized surname neon sign for their photo booth. see how it just fits like a glove! Customize one neon sign for your next occasion and snap some Instagram-worthy photos.

The Carpens Est 2022 (Neon sign size: 36 inch – 90 cm)

The neon sign was customized by a customer. It is 36 inches (90 cm) in length. Although this size is not available in standard sizes, you can make it custom to your liking. Make sure to act fast and get your event booked for a light-up neon sign!

Refer to this article for ideas: C Ustom neon sign during the wedding reception

Keep in mind that the larger the size, the more it will cost you. For larger signs, you will need more time, materials, and energy as compared to smaller signs.

When measuring your space, you must take into account both design and functionality. Neon signs are available in many sizes as well as fonts and colors and therefore can be utilized in a variety of places. Their height is usually in proportion to their lines and font.

After you’ve completed the measurement, visualize how it would look with the font and color of your choice so that everything is well-integrated. Can’t visualize? Use our online built-in customizer to improve your visualization.

2. Here are some tips to choose the appropriate size for your wedding neon signs

2.1 Indoor Wedding neon sign

Wedding neon signs are typically 36″ 42″ or 48 inches in width. They work best as backdrops for each photo. However, simply because lots of people purchase neon signs of these dimensions does not mean that you must do the same. Every person has their style! The large size will let your name shine in the bright glowing neon. While smaller signs are suited to simplistic weddings better. Barcelona font is stylish and contemporary, while KIONA font exudes professionalism & solemnity.

The wedding neon sign of O’neills (53 inches)

This neon sign uses the Barcelona font, 53 inches. If you like the same look then you should pick this font and size for your wedding neon signs.

2.2 Neon sign for an outdoor wedding

Outdoor weddings are the rage right now! Imagine seeing neon signs displaying your wedding date glow in the middle of ethereal and earthly scenery. The quote neon sign measures 52 inches (150cm) large and is printed in KIONA font.

The wedding neon signage adds a touch of color to the ceremony and provides a warm glow for the event. For outdoor weddings, hang neon signs on the cocktail table, and reception space to direct guests to the reception to the wedding table centerpieces, on the wedding circle arch, or in the photos booth. There are plenty of places to install these gorgeous signs, so if have one location in mind then grab the measuring tape and measure the dimensions.

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