The Power of Neon Signs: How They Can Transform Your Business’s Advertising Strategy

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LED neon signs are becoming more common in the age of LED technology. While neon lights are not new, they are a large part of the signage we see today. What are the reasons to consider the use of neon lights to meet your business or advertising needs? What benefits do they bring to the business owner? We’ll address all of this and more!

Long-lasting neon signs

At Echoneon We don’t use neon tubes made of glass instead, we construct our neon signs using durable PVC tubing. This means your neon sign can withstand a lot of rough and tumble and still be able to stand up and will continue functioning as the durable advertising tool you need.

The efficiency of the energy used by LED neon light bulbs

Even when on for extended durations, neon light bulbs consume very little power. They only use around 10 watts when running. This means you can put up your neon sign in your storefront or advertising campaign without having to worry about the energy cost of running the sign! The long-lasting nature of a neon light

In some cases, neon light bulbs can last as long as 100,000 hours. This is 40 times more than the average incandescent light bulb! The neon sign you choose to install is not just going to save you money on electricity however, it also lasts longer.

Neon word signs bring in business

The neon light can be more effective when paired with a powerful advertisement. neon lights are demonstrated to draw the attention of people and are in view for long periods at night out in the open where they are seen by anyone who passes by. If your advertising or business requires visibility 24 hours per day, this is the perfect lighting solution!

Brighten your business by using handmade neon signs

Each of our neon signs is handcrafted and of the highest quality. They are made with strong PVC tubing that can stand up to the elements. To promote your business or to add warmth and color to your storefront window you can pick from a variety of neon colors.

A neon word sign is a free advertising

It is a guarantee that people will notice your neon sign when they view it on the street or in the location of your storefront. With the bright glow of a neon light, it becomes hard to ignore this attention-seeking signage, allowing people to put their eyes on your business!

Lighting is a crucial aspect of any business. The right lighting will set the mood and bring customers in While the wrong lighting can appear unflattering, or even frightening. Utilize neon lighting to draw attention to your business and make sure it’s well-illuminated!

Custom neon sign for your office

Neon signs needn’t be used only for bringing new customers. The neon signs can also be used to lighten your workspace or office. If you require a tiny neon sign to sit on your office desk or wall, or if you’re looking for something larger for your lobby, we can help!

Neon lamps are eye-catching and unique. These lights can illuminate any room and draw attention to companies. This lighting choice is elegant and inexpensive for any business owner.

Promote events and events

Custom neon signs to announce the events you’re planning to host in a corporate setting or as an individual. If it’s a party or seminar and seminars, neon signs are the perfect method to bring your event into the spotlight of people. Even as far as a wedding party or celebration the neon signs will give you the coverage on social media you’re looking for.

LED neon signs welcome

People love neon signage. These signs are proven to increase sales. This is why you should think about using a custom LED neon sign from Echoneon to advertise your business or another event. The high-quality, durable signs are built to last for years without losing their ability to attract attention or shine.

A custom neon sign can be used to stimulate

Make use of a customized neon sign to illuminate your work environment to keep everyone happy and engaged. These bright lights are a great way to increase your energy levels and that of your staff. These lights are a great method of brightening your workplace and adding life to the environment.

Neon signs draw the appropriate attention

You’ve likely noticed that now and then you’ll walk along the road or pass by a storefront, only to be drawn towards a neon light. This is because neon lighting naturally draws attention to itself, and this will make sure that your customers don’t miss your fantastic business opportunity!

Custom Neon signs can be an effective way for clients to locate you and draw attention to your company. If you want people to pay attention to your business, these bright lights can be the best solution. They are suitable for big storefronts and small retail stores alike.

Echoneon custom neon signs will make sure your business is noticed. We have equipment that is ideal to set the mood as well as glowing lights that are guaranteed to attract customers!

LED neon lights do not provide soothing light in offices.

LED neon lights emit an extremely soothing and relaxing light, making them perfect for the office. They are believed to boost focus and concentration over other lighting options. A relaxing light like these can ease stress in stressful workplaces.

The advantages of neon signage

Neon-colored lights and signs are great additions to any office or storefront, and they’ll increase attention and encourage more customers! These lighting options will allow you to boost your profits without doing any extra work.

Custom neon signs are a great way to promote your company

We offer the opportunity to transform your LED neon sign into a custom neon sign so you can be precise to your needs for advertising. This means you could have your business name spelled out in lights and any other text or images you need. Bring your shop’s style to life, and get your brand name noticed with custom neon signs.

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