Brightening Up Your Business: The Benefits of Using Neon Signs

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High Efficiency

LED Neon signs rely on electrode heads at both ends of the sign. They get the rare gas inside the lamp tube in the conditions of a high-voltage electric field. This is distinct from a typical light source, which has to burn the tungsten wire to a very high temperature to emit light. It also causes a significant amount of electrical energy to be used as heat energy. With the same amount of electricity, NEON has a higher

Low Temperature

Due to its cold cathode properties and working temperature of less than 60°C, the neon lamp can be used outdoors even in rain or water. Due to its working properties, the neon light spectrum can be used in both foggy and rainy conditions to create a visual effect.

Low Energy Consumption

The age of technological advancement has seen neon lights manufacturing technology as well as other technical aspects of constant advancement. The power consumption of neon lights has been drastically reduced from 56 watts per square meter to only 12 watts.


Neon lights work continuously without power, with a life of over 10,000 hours, this benefit is not possible to attain with any other electric light source.

Flexible and diverse

A neon sign is made of Glass Tube, after firing, a glass tube can be bent into any shape, with great flexibility, thanks to the variety of types of tubes filled with various inert gases, neon lights can be multi-colored and have vibrant lighting.

It’s very lively

The LED neon sign consists of two tubes of light that shine brightly and a dynamic light-scanning tube. It can be set to not scan, skip gradient scanning, and color-changing seven-color scanning. The scanning tube is controlled by a scanning device that is programmed by a microcomputer chip. The program instructs the tube to turn on or dim, resulting in two images that look almost like a rainbow in the sky, the Milky Way on Earth, and more of a dreamlike, unforgettable world. The neon lamp is a practical and cost-effective advertisement that is less expensive than other types of investment.

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